Biblical Timeline of History

The Biblical Timeline Chart

• The essential tool for serious personal Bible Study and the study of Eschatology (Study of End Times)

• Supplement to the 10Cs Bible Curriculum

• Outlines the 10Cs of History from Creation to Christ's Coming Millennial Kingdom detailing past & future history (prophecy)

• Based on a literal hermeneutic and the recognition of "Prophecy as Pattern"

• Draws on the teachings of Dr. Chuck Missler (author of Learn the Bible) such as the history of the Church as prophesied in the Book of Revelation

• Identifies prophetic timeliness including the 70th Week of Daniel

• Relates the Feasts of Israel to major prophetic events

Identifies the Satanic timeline leading up to the rise of the Antichrist

The 10Cs of Bible History

• Creation

• Corruption

• Catastrophy

• Confusion

• Call of Israel

• Conquest of the Gentiles (Empires)

• Cross

• Call of the Gentiles (Church)

• Christ's Return

• Christ's Millennial Kingdom



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