Last Days Movement

Sound Doctrine

Lesson 1: Come out of the box

Lesson 2: Religion or Jesus

Lesson 3: The book of acts

Lesson 4: Knowledge or obedience

Lesson 5: Preach and Heal

Lesson 6: Kick-start your Christian life

Lesson 7: Repent, and be baptised...

Lesson 8: How to share the gospel

Lesson 9: Saints or Sinners

Lesson 10: Be BAPTIZED for the remission of your sins

Lesson 11: Baptism with the Holy Spirit - The promise in the New Covenant

Lesson 12: Led by the Holy Spirit

Lesson 13: When you fast

Lesson 14: Is God holy or loving, or both?

Lesson 15: New and old covenant

Lesson 16: The New Covenant - Amazing and liberating

Discipleship Lesson 17: Reformation of the church system

Discipleship Lesson 18: Jesus' vision for the church

Lesson 19: Now is the time to do it

Lesson 20: The Reformation has begun

Lesson 21: Casting out demons

Lesson 22: Practical lessons on deliverance