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Struggle for Jerusalem




- Growing Isolation of Israel

- U.N. & Vatican plans to divide Jerusalem

- Recognition of Palestinian State

- Reconstruction of the Third Temple

- Betrayal of Israel by Western Allies

- Zechariah 12:2-3, Joel 3:1-17

Study Guide Questions

What is the Abrahamic Covenant and the Land Grant Covenant? Is it conditional or unconditional? Why?

Who are against the Abrahamic and Land Grant Covenant today?

How did Israel lose her land in the past and why was it renamed Palestine?

Why is Israel's restoration to her land a miracle?

Who are the Philistines today?

Who are the Edomites today and how are they linked to the New World Order?

What is Jerusalem's future role according to bible prophecy? In Revelation 6:2, who is the white horsemen and what is the "bow" he is holding? How is this connected to a "Peace Treaty" with Israel?

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