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Chuck Missler Q&As 2014 to 2015

AUGUST 20, 2014 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Situation in America, Israel, ISIS


  1. Situation in America
  2. The Antichrist
  3. Rise of ISIS, Israel and the deception in the mainstream media,
  4. Dominionism or "Kingdom Now" Theology in the church (54 minutes)

AUGUST 27, 2014 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler and Bob Cornuke

Temple Location Discovery


Cornuke's discovery of the possible temple location outside the Temple Mount and in the City of David. If the finding is accepted by Israel, she can build the 3rd Temple anytime as the location is within Israeli territory.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler and Ron Matsen

Christ's Actual Birthday, End Time Topics


  1. Jesus' actual birthday
  2. The Four horsemen of Revelation
  3. The importance of embracing a high hermeneutic
  4. The doctrine of the trinity
  5. Demons & Angels - can they kill an unbeliever?
  6. What is God's abandonment wrath?
  7. Danger of judgement on America
  8. History & future of Islam/ Islamic Caliphate in prophecy
  9. The reemergence of Assyria (Northern Iraq) and it's role in bringing up the Antichrist
  10. The Rise of literal Babylon (on the banks of the Euphrates)
  11. 2014 Strategic Perspectives Conference (prophecy conference)
  12. "Fallen angel technologies".

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler and Ron Matsen

Chuck's Personal Testimony, Temple Location Discovery, Science & the Bible


  1. Matthew 8
  2. Why do people suffer?
  3. Chuck's Personal testimony
  4. Blood moons
  5. Praying in tongues
  6. Forgiveness
  7. The discovery of the temple location & authenticity of traditional "holy sites"
  8. Mormonism
  9. Thoughts on scientific theories and their relevance to the bible, etc.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler and Ron Matsen

Views on Shemitah, Jubilee Year dating, Impending Judgment of America


  1. What happens after death?
  2. Details about the temple, Ark of the covenant
  3. Impending Judgment of America,
  4. Opinion on Shmita/ Year of Jubilee and Dangers of divination (prophecy intended to glorify God after it is fulfilled but not for divination)
  5. On Existence of post-flood Nephilim, why God's instructs Joshua to wipe-out 4 key tribes down to every man, woman & child and the consequences of his failure to do so
  6. Relationship between personal revelation & belief
  7. On why Chuck moved to New Zealand
  8. Problems of America causing its downfall (that America's debt is 11% larger than the total wealth of the planet based on a McKinsey report)
  9. Impending war & martial law
  10. Importance of studying and finding out who are the Edomites today and their connection to the Palestinian predicament
  11. Reference to Biblical reference to Gog (of Ezekiel 38/39) as the demon king Apollyon (Rev 9)
  12. Should Christians "prep" for the end times?,
  13. The gospel
  14. Hebrew calendar and study of numerical patterns in scripture
  15. Antichrist and ISIS
  16. 2014 Strategic Perspectives Conference.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Demons, End Times & Hermeneutics


  1. Discussion of original manuscripts for Hebrew/Greek studies
  2. Nature of demons
  3. Views on the rapture and eschatology (study of end times)
  4. Explanation of hermeneutics (theory of interpretation)
  5. Refutation of evolution (biogenesis)
  6. Problems of astrobiology
  7. Recommendation of the movie “God’s Not Dead”
  8. What’s happens right after death? and the nature of the soul
  9. CM’s new book “I, Jesus” an autobiography of Jesus Christ
  10. What is the gospel according to scripture?
  11. Value of observance of the Sabbath and dangers, value of the observance of the Feasts of Israel and the dangers of “trying to be Jewish”
  12. Views on the “Blood Moons”
  13. Nature of Hell and the nature of our reality
  14. Is the threshing floor of Boaz the same as the threshing floor of Araunah?
  15. Recent discovery of the Temple’s location
  16. Views on the eternal destiny of young children’s who die
  17. Views on cremation vs. burial and timing of the Antichrist’s appearance.

OCTOBER 2, 2014 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

EMP Attack, Prepping for the Coming Storm


  1. Destiny of unbelieving Jews
  2. The great delusion
  3. Will modern Jews be able to know their tribal lineage through DNA science?
  4. Are Messianic Jews today part of the Church? Old testament saints? Are old testament saints included at the rapture?
  5. Distinction between Marriage of the Lamb in Heaven and the Marriage Supper on the Earth
  6. The nature of the resurrection body
  7. Comparison of the blackstone at Diana’s Temple in Ephesus vs. the blackstone in Mecca (both have a crescent moon symbol)
  8. View on Adam & Eve’s fate
  9. Question about prepping & the coming storm
  10. Russian threat of pre-emptive strike & WW3
  11. KI’s dilemma of how much truth to communicate to the public about frightening realities
  12. Anticipation of important revelations at the October 2014 KI Strategic Perspectives Conference
  13. Views on military force vs. ISIS
  14. Importance of knowing your calling in relation to the Great Commission to make disciples
  15. Nature and purpose of the mainline media as a force in ushering global government
  16. Reality of end time bible prophecy taking place
  17. Half of all Jews in the world living in America: What will bring them home to Israel
  18. View on Gap Theory, the week of Jesu​s cruxification (timing issues and other details)
  19. Purchase of the threshing floor of Araunah (for the temple)
  20. Prospect of a Chuck Missler-KI Study Bible with International Standard Version (ISV) Bible
  21. What's the fate of people who have never heard about Jesus & God’s justice?

NOVEMBER 5, 2014 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler & William Welty

New Book "I, Jesus"


Chuck Missler and William welt discuss their co-authorship of a new book "I, Jesus" an autobiography of the Messiah

NOVEMBER 5, 2014 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler & William Welty

New Book "I, Jesus"


Chuck Missler and William welt discuss their co-authorship of a new book "I, Jesus" an autobiography of the Messiah

NOVEMBER 19, 2014 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Errors of Dominionism, Kingdom Now and Replacment Theology


  1. Media and the Jerusalem attack
  2. Deception in the Media
  3. Dangers of Islam and President Obama and his dealings with Shiite-Iran to jointly check a Sunni-controlled ISIS
  4. Matthew 24:29-31 “Who are the angels gathering during the Great Tribulation period?
  5. The distinction between the Trumpet of God vs. the 7 trumpets of Revelation
  6. Matthew 24:37 “As in the Days of Noah” and the Return of the Nephilim of Genesis 6
  7. Nature of John’s gospel
  8. CM’s new book ‘I, Jesus’ an autobiography’
  9. Hades/Sheol and Paradise
  10. Body & spirit: what happens to people who have never known about Christ and die
  11. Destiny of Mystery Babylon
  12. Flood of Noah and a possible prior flood judgement in Gap Theory
  13. When did Satan fall?
  14. Geocentricity
  15. Problem with Dominionism/Kingdom Now thinking and its connection to Replacement Theology & Amillennialism (a must watch a- starts at 42nd minute)
  16. The blinding of Israel until the Fulness of the Gentiles
  17. Heptadic structure in the Human Genome & the Torah.​​

DECEMBER 2, 2014 Q&A Interview with Bob Cornuke and Ron Matsen

Updates on Temple Discovery


Updates on the disdcovery of the Temple's location and reviews and feedback from around the world

JANUARY 14, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler & Hal Lindsey

Signs of the End Times


Both men discuss among other things:

  • Important signs of the times
  • Timing for the Rapture and the Great Tribulation
  • EMP threat to America
  • Beginnings of Chuck Missler's Koinonia Institute.

Chuck makes a persuasive case that while the rapture may be very near, the Great Tribulation may be still a little further away due to some major prerequisite prophetic requirements that precede it. While the blood moon controversy may draw people to get interested in the end times, it should lead people to Jesus and not throw people off if it doesn't happen. As Chuck said, the period between the rapture and the Great Tribulation is unknown and may even take decades. It's a great interview between old friends

Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler & Physicist Barry Setterfield

Zero-Point Energy and the Slowing Speed of Light -


Fascinating interview with Barry Setterfield who explains how discoveries in zero point energy (among others things) can explain a the biblical view of a six 24-hour day creation. It also provides a fresh perspective on why a young earth looks old as a result of the speed of light slowing down.

JANUARY 28, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Prepping for the End Times, Nicolaitanism, Blood Moons Controversy


  1. Who are the 24 elders in Revelation?
  2. The Holy Spirit
  3. Where does the spirit go after death?
  4. The Antichrist
  5. On making Disciples & Nicolaitanism
  6. End time events & what we can do about it
  7. Events in Middle east & relevance to Psalm 83 & Ezekiel 38/39 prophecies (and nuclear war)
  8. Fallen Angels
  9. Who is an apostle?
  10. Feast of Pentecost and possible prophetic implications on the rapture
  11. Judgement on the U.S. vs. Judgment on Babylon
  12. The Blood Moons Controversy

FEBRUARY 4, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Blood Moons and September Events


  1. Blood Moons
  2. Destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17)
  3. Seed of the Serpent
  4. 4 Horsemen
  5. Babylon: A literal city or the Roman Catholic Church?
  6. Matthew 7:21-23 “Lord, Lord…”
  7. Trusting God
  8. Abraham & Sarah
  9. Bible Codes & Book of Enoch
  10. Where did the population in Cain & Abel’s time come from?

FEBRUARY 4, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Blood Moons and September Events


  1. Blood Moons
  2. Destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17)
  3. Seed of the Serpent
  4. 4 Horsemen
  5. Babylon: A literal city or the Roman Catholic Church?
  6. Matthew 7:21-23 “Lord, Lord…”
  7. Trusting God
  8. Abraham & Sarah
  9. Bible Codes & Book of Enoch
  10. Where did the population in Cain & Abel’s time come from?


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FEBRUARY 11, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Reasons for Leaving America, Coming Revolution in Physics, Coming Financial Crisis -


  1. “Season of the Gentiles”/“Times of the Gentiles” & “The Fulness of the Gentiles”
  2. Importance of precision in hermeneutics
  3. Difference between soul vs. spirit
  4. Dangers of Freemasonry & Paganism/Occult and expectations of the Antichrist
  5. Conflict between angels
  6. The impending financial collapse
  7. On leaving America
  8. Presence of over 100 FEMA interment camps across America
  9. Questions about Interview with physicist Barry Setterfield
  10. 6 Day Creation and the nature of time
  11. Obstacles of bad science (taught in schools/universities) in understanding the bible
  12. Major revolution coming in physics coming from “zero-point energy”;
  13. Argument for Pre-tribulation view
  14. Differences between Kingdom of God vs. Kingdom of Heaven
  15. Importance of prayer
  16. Regarding ccurrences of Hebrew letters Aleph & Tau

FEBRUARY 18, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

God "withdrawing" His Presence, ISIS, Thoughts on 9/11


  1. ISIS / Sunni/ Shiites
  2. Daniel & the 70 years Babylonian Captivity
  3. The Kingdom of God vs. Kingdom of Heaven
  4. “Baptism of the Spirit” vs. “Filled with the Spirit”
  5. Could Jesus have sin? And what happened on the Cross?
  6. The idea that Jesus has yearnings
  7. God’s “withdrawing” his presence
  8. Discussion 9/11 Twin Towers and review about author Judy Wood’s book “Where Did the Towers Go?” and a possible unidentified weapons technology
  9. Ezekiel 38 & 39, Gog & Magog vs. Gog in Revelation 20 (after a thousand years) and how Amos 7:1 (original language in Septuagint) resolves the misunderstandings
  10. Topic of “Accusing the Brethren” and new relationship with Ptr. Kim Clement

FEBRUARY 25, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Not yet review


Not yet reviewed

FEBRUARY 25, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Not yet reviewed


Not yet reviewed

MARCH 4, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Correcting the Mistakes of the Past, The Nephilim & Alien Abductions


  1. Speech of Israeli Prime Minister before U.S. Congress
  2. America’s abandonment of Israel and God
  3. Recommended study bibles & uninspired books
  4. Vision of the Wicked Woman in Zechariah 5 and the literal reemergence of Babylon
  5. Geopolitical situation & World War 3
  6. The Rapture & problems with eschatological views
  7. President Obama being a practicing Sunni Muslim & possible involvement in the occult
  8. Correcting personal mistakes of the past
  9. Probability of Hybrid/Nephilim creatures living in the Earth today & the topic of UFOs and alien abductions
  10. Feasts of Israel, prophetic implications and the year of the Jubilee
  11. Question about the Temple.

MARCH 11, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Vatican and Freemasonic Expectations of the Antichrist, Coming Financial Crisis


  1. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel & America
  2. God’s intervention in history on behalf of His people
  3. Update on Economic and Financial system including the debt situation, the derivatives market and inevitable financial collapse
  4. What should one be doing to prepare for the coming persecution and chaos
  5. The Millennium; Rewards and the Bema Seat
  6. John 21 & the 153 fish meaning
  7. Bible numerics
  8. Free Masonry & the Occult
  9. Migration of American Jews to Israel
  10. Presence of Book of Maccabees in the Septuagint;
  11. Timing of the Harpazo, the Great Tribulation, reemergence of Babylon and the Antichrist
  12. Chuck’s new works “The Four Horsemen of Revelation” and "Expectations of the Antichrist" from other groups including: the Vatican (an Alien saviour), the Free Masons, Islam and Transhumanism
  13. About Ptr. Kim Clement’s new relationship with Chuck Missler

APRIL 8, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

"Jesus is not a movement"


  1. Question about the Church at Thyatira & the Great Tribulation
  2. Jesus is not "a movement” which is a “man-centered entrapment”
  3. That which Jesus hates, Nicolaitanism (concept of a professional clergy or “man of the clothe” over the laity)
  4. Why Jesus felt forsake on the cross- Is there time in Heaven?
  5. Events in Revaltion including opening of 7 sealed book- The slowing speed of light & Gap Theory
  6. How cutting-edge science is vindicating the bible- Question about Esau and Ishmael
  7. Significance of Iran Nuclear deal with regard to prophecy- Corruption of the Media
  8. Chuck’s favourite bible teachers when he was growing up
  9. The relationship between Israel and end times prophecies
  10. Why did Jesus tell Mary Magdalene “Do not touch me” after his resurrection?
  11. Will the antichrist be a Jew?
  12. The importance of Dispensationalism and how it demonstrates the integrity of the bible’s design

APRIL 15, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

The Bema Seat of Christ, Rewards & Inheritance, Nicolaitanism


  1. What does it mean to believe in vain in 1 Cor 15:2?
  2. The Bema Seat & rewards
  3. Is it possible one of the 8 occupants of Noah’s ark could have been “Nephilim-contaminated”?
  4. How did Noah know what animal was “clean” and “unclean” if the Law of Moses handn’t yet come?
  5. Difference between the 613 laws of Moses (Talmudic) & the 10 Commandments (Mosaic Laws)
  6. Question about the supply of animals for the sacrifices when Israel was in the wilderness
  7. Is it wrong to invest in & profit from the Transhumanist industry (including genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology)?
  8. The Black horse of Revelation 6, famine and hyperinflation
  9. God’s foreknowledge about election
  10. Understanding purpose of prophecy
  11. Can you lose your salvation?
  12. The animal sacrifice at the Garden of Eden
  13. Do people need to be baptised a second time (Acts 19)?
  14. If the Jews had NOT rejected Christ at His first coming, how would His mission to pay for sins been fulfilled?
  15. Iran nuclear deal and Ezekiel 38
  16. Corruption of the media
  17. Contradictions in scripture Mark 9:40 and Acts
  18. On why the U.S. is a police state & the presence of 100 FEMA camps & the massive budgets behind them (something big is going on)
  19. Why celebrate the Lord’s supper regularly instead of annually?
  20. Concept of Nicolaitanism or “clergy over the laity” (that which Jesus hates)
  21. Iidentity of the 7th King in Revelation 17:10 (is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space)
  22. Church conduct and homosexuality
  23. How do we deal with Christians who believe in prosperity gospel teachings or “positive confessions”?
  24. Does Satan believe he can defeat the plan of God?
  25. Meaning of “laying of hands”
  26. Difference between accepting Jesus vs. a public declaration of accepting Christ
  27. Did decay and ageing begin after sin was introduced at Adam’s fall? If so, did “time” begin after the fall?

APRIL 22, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Chuck's Personal Life, Nephilim, Transhumanism & End Times


  1. Daniel 9:25 partition between 62 and 7 weeks
  2. Chuck talks about his personal life growing up
  3. Speaking in tongues and gifts of the Spirit
  4. China’s role in Prophecy
  5. Christian church in China
  6. Nephilim and the end times
  7. Transhumanism and the goal of immortality
  8. Prevalence of Amillennialism in the church
  9. On the coming interview with Kim Clement next Wednesday, April 29 NZT
  10. Matthew 6:14-15 “If you forgive trespasses…”
  11. Identity of the Antichrist
  12. French Foreign Minister’s statement about coming Climate Chaos
  13. Views about 2 kinds of Christians today: Those who watch End times VS. Dominionsts (Kingdom Now) and those who want to “Transform the World” - Which is correct?
  14. Comments about “prepping” and the anti Christian society we live in (Police State)
  15. Reincarnation vs. Resurrection
  16. Warning against divination
  17. Discovering and applying one’s spiritual gift
  18. To watch Q&A Interviews LIVE every Wednesday, visit and create a free account

APRIL 29, 2015 Q&A Interview

Kim Clement to Study under Chuck Missler -


Kim's humility is inspiring as he candidly admits his mistake in disregarding the rapture and the study of eschatology (end times). Kim comes from the fastest growing segment of evangelical christianity known as Domininionism or "Kingdom Now" which disregards end times theology, embraces replacement theology (i.e. Church replaces Israel) and believes the Church will set up Christ's Kingdom on earth to prepare for His return. This is the underlying theology of the Church growth and "Transform the World" movements. The bible tells us things are going to get so bad (not better) that He, Jesus Christ, will return to intervene and setup His own Millennial Kingdom on Earth (not the Church).


  • "Bad nursing in spiritual infancy often causes wrong ideas, misconceptions and even error from which they never recover"
  • "I was opposed to the rapture and any form of eschatology, but because of my love for God, he turned what could have been a curse into a blessing"
  • "My love for God is so deep that I had to take steps to correct what I realized was blatant disregard and disdain for a large portion of eschatology because I felt these were doctrines of death and the aftermath and so I treated it as an area of theology that I wanted to avoid."
  • "But it got to the point in my life that I was so discouraged because I felt that there was a mentality of escapism when we should really be on the earth blessing and helping that I actually wrote in my website in 1996 "Rapture Crapture"
  • "I stood up one day and said I have no clue what the book of Revelation is about, I really don't have one clue and don't want to know... that put me in opposition against Israel as a nation... I felt like Israel was just a waste, we were spiritual and we were spiritual Israel"
  • I said to (Joel Osteen): "Joel do you have any understand of the end times?"
  • And he (Joel) said: "Kim I don't have a clue"
  • Kim: "I was stunned and asked him don't you think we should learn about it?" ... "There's so much about scripture that speak about this day and this age."

MAY 6, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Not yet reviewed


Not yet reviewed

MAY 13, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

A Coming Global Financial Crisis -


  1. In Philippians 2:10-11 how can every knee bow before Christ if Man has free will?
  2. Psalm 83 prophecy and 1967 War
  3. Is there such thing as a New Testament prophet?
  4. Difference between Body of Christ vs. Bride of Christ
  5. Concept of variation of rewards and inheritance
  6. In Psalm 82:1, who are “gods”
  7. In Revelation 17:10 - Who is the 7th king “who is not yet come”?
  8. Views on the Rapture (why he leans on a Pre-Tribulation view)
  9. Comments on CERN’s activity and wormholes
  10. Building of the 3rd Temple: Does Jesus rule from the 3rd Temple?
  11. Timing of the rapture and Christ’s 2nd coming
  12. What is meant to be born-again and what it is the role of grace concerning the law?
  13. Comments on the extra-biblical document Epistle of Barnabas
  14. Comments on Malachi 3:16
  15. Why wasn’t Satan not given a 2nd chance?
  16. Does Chuck believe we are the last generation and if we will see Jesus return?
  17. Daniel’s prophecy of the Revived Roman Empire and the present situation
  18. The coming global upheaval including problems in the financial system
  19. In Isaiah 19:19, what is the “altar to the Lord in the midst of Egypt and a pillar at the border”? Comments on the pyramids of Egypt in Giza. Who built it?
  20. Question about Revelation 10:10-11
  21. Why study end time prophecy?

MAY 20, 2015 Q&A Interview with Ron Matsen

End Times Sequence of Events


  1. Beheading as an End time punishment for refusing the “mark”
  2. The “Mark of the Beast”
  3. Difference between an Old Testament and New Testament prophet
  4. Is smoking an unforgivable sin?
  5. Eschatological (End times) timeline
  6. Mystery of Satan

MAY 27, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

"Flat" Holographic Universe


  1. What did Jesus mean by “eating his flesh” and “drinking his blood”?
  2. Revelation 10:10-11 - Question about the apostle John "eating up the book"
  3. Comments on New videos the 5 Horsemen
  4. Chuck’s view on Geocentricity - 7 mins 50 sec (discusses a holographic “flat” universe, problems of “bad science”, etc.)
  5. Comments about the timing and observation of the Sabbath
  6. Revelation: Who is the 7th King?
  7. Exodus 20:4 - What is that not to be worshipped “in the waters under the Earth”
  8. Difference between Body of Christ vs. Bride of Christ? Is it possible only the Bride of Christ will be raptured?
  9. Has Chuck’s views changed re: the Body of Christ?
  10. Revelation 3 Letter to Philadelphia: “Hour of Temptation”
  11. Who baptised John and is he saved? (He explains relation to the Kingdom of Heaven)
  12. Views on the Shemitah Cycle
  13. Praying about the Tribulation
  14. What role would technology have in the Millennium Kingdom (since entropy Laws would have been repealed)?
  15. Forgiveness and Repentance
  16. Cause of Darkness at the Cruxifiction
  17. Should young Christian families still be bringing children into the world if we are in the last days?

JUNE 3, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Age of the Earth & Christ's Millennium Kingdom -


  1. Is polygamy a sin considering a number of Israel’s kings had more than one wife?
  2. Is Australia in the end times?
  3. Thoughts on consciousness after death
  4. Are apostates saved?
  5. Gog and Magog
  6. Where do we go after death: Heaven or Paradise?
  7. What does Fulfillment of the Gentiles mean?
  8. Difference between the spirit and the soul?
  9. Question on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the Genesis account
  10. New Tours to Israel with CM and Bob Cornuke
  11. 2015 Strategic Perspectives Conference
  12. Question re: Mark of the Beast and Islam
  13. Is it biblical to thank God in advance for a prayer request?
  14. Are the gifts for today particularly interpretation, tongues, miracles and healings?
  15. Background on the cross of Christ
  16. Could the 3rd temple be built in the wrong place?
  17. Doctrine of Imminence
  18. Bride of Christ and The Millennium Kingdom
  19. Seven Letters of Revelation
  20. Does 2 Chronicles 7:14 apply to any other country other than Israel?
  21. Is the age of the Earth important?
  22. Dating of the Book of Revelation

JUNE 10, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Not yet reviewed


Not yet reviewed

JUNE 17, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Rapture & Shemitah


  1. None lIs Koinonia Institute a bible school or a think tank?
  2. That Day: Early church believers belief about the rapture
  3. When was Satan given authority over the Earth?
  4. Jewish capital punishment during JESUS time.
  5. Why does the Lord's Prayer instruct us to ask the Father "to lead us not into temptation..."
  6. Could Judas Iscariot be in heaven since he "repented" of betraying Christ
  7. If eternal security is true, then how can a name be blotted out in Revelation 3:5?
  8. What events happen between the Harpazo (Rapture) and Christ's 2nd coming?
  9. What does the bible say of participating in war?
  10. Is civil obedience biblical if the U.S. Continues to plummet morally (can we take up arms)?
  11. Is the rapture very close? Is it spoken of in the Old Testament?
  12. Revelation 16:3 - Do animals have souls?
  13. Thoughts on the Shemitah
  14. Why would inter-dimensional beings (hybrids? Aliens?) need spacecraft-UFO technology to get around?
  15. Are developments to turn Jerusalem into an international city a fulfillment of prophecy?
  16. Are there bible codes in the New Testament?
  17. 1 Corinthians 15:29 "Baptism for the Dead"
  18. Could Ezekiel 38 and 39 be two separate battles?
  19. Financial credit rating of the U.S. Compared to Greece and the U.S. Dollar
  20. Is Christ's Millennial Kingdom a literal 1,000 year reign
  21. Parable of the virgins
  22. The 2 witnesses of Revelation
  23. Why did God instruct Isaiah to be naked for 3 years?
  24. Who would be left behind after the rapture? What will it be like?

JULY 1, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

EMP Attack, UFOs & Aliens


  1. Significance of astronomical alignments on June 30
  2. View on the Shemitah on September
  3. In Revelation 22:15, who are the dogs and sorcerers outside the gates of the new Jerusalem?
  4. Attending a same-sex wedding
  5. Attacks on the constitution and reality of the end times
  6. Isaiah 50:1
  7. Luke 21:11 - What are "Fearful sights and great signs shall there be from the heavens"
  8. Discerning if people claim to have seen the Lord in a vision/dream
  9. On Forgiveness
  10. Isaiah 29 “Desolation of Egypt”: Has it been fulfilled?
  11. Psalm 83:3 - Who are the “hidden ones”?
  12. What happens in an EMP attack? and discussion about end times technologies
  13. References to Jesus as an “Angel”
  14. The metaphor “Bright Morningstar” and why it’s usage on Satan and Jesus
  15. Matthew 10:34-36 explained “I come not to send peace to the Earth but a sword…”
  16. Baptism and the “remission of sins”
  17. Reference to drugs in the Bible
  18. “Is it possible God made other planets to be inhabited by humans?” and Vatican expectations and preparations for the coming of an “Alien” Saviour
  19. Certainty and timing of the coming Dollar Crash and Global financial crisis

AUGUST 19, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

The Coming Global Financial Collapse


  1. 10th Strategic Perspectives Conference on October 2015
  2. What if Pre-trib is incorrect?
  3. The Coming Global Financial Collapse
  4. Is Obama a Muslim?
  5. Sons of Jesse discrepancy
  6. What happens to those who died and never heard Jesus?
  7. Different levels of sin?
  8. Sabbath: Did the Lord change the 4th Commandment?
  9. What Jesus hates: Nicolaitanism
  10. Explains 5 Kinds of Judaism
  11. Who is the “Daughter of Babylon” in Jeremiah 51
  12. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 Meaning of “Apostasia”
  13. Chuck’s recommended books

AUGUST 26, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

The Jewish "Forbidden Scriptures", Nicoilatanism & Memoirs


  1. On Psalm 18: “a nuclear event?”
  2. On prophecy and Jesus’ command “Do not be deceived” and the importance of “Hermeneutical Hygiene”
  3. Genesis 40:16 “Joseph’s Dream”
  4. Discussion about Melchizedek and the recently discovered temple location
  5. Can people be saved after the rapture?
  6. What Jesus hates the most: The Nicolaitanism
  7. Discussion on why Chapters 2 & 3 of the Book of Revelation are very important
  8. Daniel 11:37 - Is the Antichrist a homosexual?
  9. Genealogy of Jesus
  10. “Forbidden” scripture to Talmudic Jews
  11. Salvation and Rewards & Inheritance
  12. What is hyper grace?
  13. About writing his memoirs.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

CERN, Secret Societies pursuing a Luciferian Agenda, UFOs


Upcoming 2015 Strategic Perspectives Conference and the importance of preparation

> Who are the “Hidden Treasured Ones” in Psalm 83?

  • CM speculates they are the raptured saints which may indicate the Psalm 83 war will be post-rapture.
  • CM explains the Psalm 83 war which involves a confederacy of nations which intend to “wipe out Israel of the map”

> Deuteronomy 24:5 “Duties of the Bridegroom”: The bridegroom was prevented from going to war while he attends to his bride. Does that apply to Christ right after the rapture?

  • Says it doesn’t apply
  • Discusses hermeneutics and the importance of drawing on the whole counsel of God
  • Scriptures that are “forbidden reading” to Jews as a result of Talmudic influence but which relate to the Messiah (e.g., Genesis 22)

> 2 John Teaching

  • CM believes 2 John was written by the apostle John to Mary, the mother of Jesus (The elect lady).

> Post-Rapture Residue: What will happen to our physical bodies after the rapture?

  • CM says the bible doesn’t say but mentions Paul’s Harpazo experience into Paradise and Jesus left his burial clothes at the Resurrection.

> The “Nacash” serpent word is used also in the Brazen Serpent of Numbers 21. Did Lucifer take on a reptilian figure? Did Fallen angels also become serpents?

> Luke 21:24-25 “men’s hearts will fail for fear of what is coming upon the Earth”

  • Suggests the possibility of UFOs and connections to the return of the Nephilim. Warns UFOs are demonic and a deception (they are not inter-galactic)
  • Importance of hermeneutic hygiene which is differentiating and segregating biblical references from secular references

> The Nephilim “As in the Days of Noah” - Can we know today who they are in the End Times?

  • Discusses the emergence of Transhumanism (Hybrids) and its application in military programs around the world

> Secret societies: Do secret societies and the Illuminati exist?

  • CM confirms they are real. Says the Illuminati and the USA were born on the same day
  • Says the Freemasonry, the Vatican and Islam are all pursuing globalism toward an “occultic scenario” - all are driven by Lucifer
  • Discusses Satan worship in the Vatican which was exposed by top vatican official Malachy Martin who was murdered for revealing the truth.
  • Answers allegations that Chuck Missler is a member of the Illuminati

> Synagogue of Satan “Who are these Jews?”

  • Discusses Replacement theology as one view and a second view that they are “Edomites”
  • Discusses the history of the Edomites and the Rothschild Banking family

> Concern with CERN and the supposed opening of dimensional doors

  • Discusses”occultic” overtones surrounding CERN and possibility of “portals”

> Other Descriptions of Heaven

  • Discussion of the Microcosm, the Macrocosm and the Metacosm (the domain of UFOs and angels)
  • Discusses findings of Scientific American (June, 2005) that our world is “a shadow of a larger reality” and confirms what the bible says in the book of Hebrews and John

> Keeping the Commandments

  • Jesus fulfilled the commandments on our behalf
  • Difference between “keeping the Passover” vs. “honouring” the Passover

> How Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83 fits in the 70th Week of Daniel

  • CM believes Psalm 83 will come first and Israel’s military success will lead to Ezekiel 38

SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 Q&A Interview with Bob Cornuke

Crucifixion Site Found


In a September 9 interview with Koinonia Institute's Ron Matsen, Former FBI investigator turned explorer-archaeologist Dr. Bob Cornuke revealed that he believes he has found the actual crucifixion site of Jesus Christ. The revelation comes at the end of the interview (around 31 minutes into the video) about Cornuke's discovery of the temple location last year.

According to Cornuke, this major find is the result of last year's discovery of the actual temple location in the City of David which became the new point of reference in the search for the crucifixion site. Cornuke says the new site's archaeological findings confirm the biblical account. He will provide the details of this ground-breaking announcement at the 2015 Koinonia Institute Strategic Perspectives Conference in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in October.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

September Events Sh'mita & Blood Moons -


> About September Events attracting a lot of attention

  • Chuck Missler calls most of it nonsense or exaggeration (referring to the so-called Sh'mita and Blood Moons)
  • A financial crisis still coming irregardless of whether people believe the Sh’mita or not
  • Reminds us the bible says “God gave us not a spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind”
  • Explains 2 Chronicles 7:14 is addressed to the Church “If my people who are called by My Name…”
  • God’s abandonment wrath has already begun irregardless of blood moons, etc.
  • On Sept. 28 Blood Moons, CM says God doesn’t use natural phenomenon to highlight supernatural events. Believes the adaptation of blood moon predictions are naive and misleading. It also discredits legitimate prophecy
  • Emphasizes Hermeneutical Hygiene, keeping the word of God separate from secular info to protect us from deception
  • People becoming more focused on signs rather than on scripture

> Question about countries that will not fall under the Antichrist… Where is the safest country to be in?

  • In Daniel 11:41 3 countries are mentioned which will escape the Antichrist’s

> Question about destiny and free will

  • It is a classic paradox (the conflict between predestine and free will) only when viewed from within the time domain. God is outside the dimensionality of time and knows the end from the beginning

> Question: Is their any hope in the after life in the judgment of unbelievers?

  • None. The hope in the after life is centred in the person of Jesus Christ while one is alive. Rejection of Christ has unthinkable consequences
  • The Importance of finding our calling after we are saved

> Questions about where do we do after we die? Where do we go after the Rapture? What happens to us when Jesus returns.

  • We will be in with Him. We will receive our resurrection bodies (1 John 3:2)
  • God asks us everyday the same question in a different way: “Do you trust me?”

> Questions about Angels and Demons: Can Angels move about in bodily form (vs. demons which seek embodiment)? When Satan entered Judas, did he embody him like a demon?

  • Yes angels can move about in their own bodies. Re: Satan embodying Judas, it seems to be an exception with Satan being a super-angel who may have unique abilities

> Does Old Testament record all of God’s miracles?

  • Obviously not necessarily.

> Question about whether tithing is applicable to the New testament church?

  • Titihing should not be based on legalism. But it is appropriate to tithe. Jesus made reference to it and didn’t deny it.
  • Quotes Gods challenge in Malachi “to test Him…”
  • Compares God of the bible who delights in making and keeping promises against Allah who is capricious
  • Tithe means 1st 10th belonging to God.

> Nahum 1:11 - Could it refer to an Islamic Antichrist?

  • It could but not necessarily
  • There’s many evidences that AC will be Islamic but it could involve more than Islam

> Question about Equidistant Letter Sequences

  • It's a clumsy form of encryption useful for authentication.
  • Gives example of Genesis 38 having David’s family tree encrypted in the Hebrew long before his time
  • Believes God gave Moses the Torah “letter by letter”
  • Discusses the Forbidden texts to Jews all refer to Messiah but are rejected because of Talmudic influence (Talmud itself was corrupted).
  • 66 books of the bible demonstrates integrity of design
  • The importance of studying the 7 Epistles of Jesus to the 7 churches in the book of Revelation

> Why did Jesus address seven letters to the angels of the churches instead of to the members of the churches?

  • Says irrelevant since angels are messengers
  • Emphasises letters are for all churches and all believers

> Job 42:7 - Do we discount all that Job’s friends say to him?

  • Need to apply what’s in the bible properly. Job’s friends sounded good but were wrong: They ascribed Job’s problems to sin
  • Ron suggests Jobs friend’s conclusions sounds like prosperity gospel teaching that teaches “suffering” is not God’s will

> Daniel 12:12 - What is the 1,335 days?

  • Chuck is not sure but he suspects and speculates it may pertain to the period of the establishment of the Kingdom
  • Prophecy is not given to predict the future but to glorify God when it occurs
  • But we should be responsible to prepare for coming storms indicated by prophecy.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

September Events, Islamic Antichrist, Jubilee Dating


> Addresses Paranoia surrounding September

  • Referring to Sh’mita and Blood Moons, such predictions are not biblical and do injury to the prophetic community’s credibility
  • Emphasizes 1 Timothy 1:7
  • False prophecies are the result of failing to practice “hermeneutic hygiene” ie. commingling secular information with Biblical information
  • Ron and CM points out the tendency to use naturalistic phenomena to explain biblical supernatural phenomena - it takes the credit away from God.
  • CM emphasizes the importance of precision in handling the word of God

> If the Antichrist won’t be revealed until after the rapture, and the elect won’t be deceived, how can the rapture be pre-tribulation?

  • CM explains not all “elect” are from the same category. There were believers before the church and there will be believers after the rapture

> Question about an Islamic Antichrist?

  • The Antichrist may be Islamic but it may be much more than Islam in its form today. CM assumes an amalgam of religions including the Vatican and Freemasonry
  • Purpose of prophecy is not to predict the future but rather to glorify God when it happens God uses it to authenticate his message (the bible)
  • It’s important to draw on the whole counsel of God especially in eschatology

> Is Matthew 24:41-42 (two men in the field… one will be taken, one will be left behind) referring to the Rapture or the 2nd coming of Christ?

  • CM holds view its a summary of the Harpazo (The Rapture)
  • Makes a decision between “This Generation” in Luke 21 vs. “Last Generation” in Matthew 24

> Leviticus 25:10 and the year of the Jubilee - Is this connected to the breaking of seals in Revelation 5?

  • While the timing of the Jubilee is unknown due to calendar issues and Jews failure to observe it, CM says the idea that Revelation 5 could happen on a Jubilee Year is provocative.

> Do you think the Battle of Armageddon will be World War 3 or could World War 3 happen before the 70th Week of Daniel? In the Battle of Armageddon, are the Kings of the East also included and defeated?

  • CM believes Armageddon and a world war, if any, will not be the same. He believes the Kings of the East are also part of that final battle and defeated.

> Jeremiah 51:60-64 - Will Jeremiah’s book about the prophecy of Babylon be found again and recovered?

  • CM doesn’t think so. But he believes a literal Babylon will reemerge as a major world power by the banks of the Euphrates
  • Re: the Pope and Vatican: They do not have a biblical view.

> Matthew 20:16 - “The Last shall be first and the first shall be last. For many are called but few are Chosen” What’s the meaning of the last line?

  • CM explains many will be surprised about their report cards before the Lord
  • Discusses the importance for each believer to know his/her calling.

> Are all kids going to be part of the Rapture whether they heard the gospel or not.

  • CM believes so.

> Does Hell exist? Will God save everyone?

  • Hell exists specifically for Satan and his angels. But it will also be a place for people who have rejected the message of the gospel.

> What should believers do to prepare for the coming economic crisis?

  • It’s not our job to predict the future but its our job to prepare for “coming storms” (It’s sound judgment). Do so according to your means and trust that God is in control.

> Daniel 2:43 “They shall mingle their seed with the seed of men”. What’s the meaning?

  • CM says they would have to be something “other than the seed of men”.

> Revelation 2 re: Letter to Thyatira - Is the “depths of Satan” in the letter referring to the Popes?

  • CM says it may be Myopic to limit Thyatira to the Vatican
  • Discusses letters to Sardis and Laodicea

> The idea-teaching that Jesus suffered a 2nd death after the cross in Hades’ “torment compartment” and suffered there

  • CM: It’s unbiblical. Jesus said “Tetelestai”, “It is paid in full” - It’s a done deal on the cross

> What’s the difference between “being saved” and being “born again in Jesus”

  • CM: It’s the same thing

> Could the Antichrist Beast be a nation instead of a man? Some like Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson have suggested Turkey as a revived Ottoman Empire.

It has to be a person who will have a head wound and come back to life.

He finds the emerging merger between the Vatican and Islam very interesting (50 mins 20 secs)

The Antichrist will exalt himself as God and unites all religions

> On Abraham and Isaac’s brides preserved from being defiled - any indication to the rapture?

  • Possibly as a metaphor. There 6 gentile brides in scripture. In no case was their deaths recorded.

> Matthew 6: “If we do not forgive our debtors, neither will our heavenly Father forgive our debts” What did Jesus mean if our sins were forgiven at the cross?

  • Forgiveness requires repentance. The statement is about getting saved.

> Thoughts on Genesis 1:1 and its connection to time, space, matter, information and energy

  • CM: Time and space are physical properties. The pattern may not fit

> Is renting a church-building (by a small church) that’s also used for same-sex weddings a problem?

  • The church is not a real-estate term but a body of believers
  • The church needs to know who defines marriage -It’s God, it’s not state law

OCTOBER 7, 2015 Q&A Interview with Chuck Missler

Bema Seat, Rapture, Refugee Crisis, Magog's Identity


> Promotion of the 2015 Strategic Perspectives Conference on Oct 22-24 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, US

> What would be the job of an “Armour bearer” today?

  • One should study the biblical armour listed in Ephesians 6

> Genesis 3:24 - Was Satan able to eat from the Tree of Life before a Cherubim guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden?

  • Scripture is silent on the matter

> Judgment of Christians at the Bema seat

  • Only those who are saved will be present
  • The issue is not justification but fruit-bearing and what we allowed the holy Spirit to accomplish through us in our lives
  • Rewards will be based on our fruit-bearing
  • Salvation has 3 tenses: PAST (separation from the penalty of sin), PRESENT (separation from the power of sin), FUTURE (separation from the presence of sin)
  • The criteria for judgment is given 2 Corinthians 5:10 but procedure is detailed in 1 Corinthians 3.

> What happens when a Jew believes and becomes part of the church?

  • A Jew becomes complete when they discover their Messiah
  • The tragedy is that most Jews see their scripture through Talmudic lenses
  • Explains Talmudic Judaism

> Comment on Isaiah 53:9 “Died with the wicked and his grave was with the rich”

  • Refers to Andrew Bonnar’s commentary on Leviticus validating the account.
  • He died between 2 wicked men and was placed in Joseph of Arimathea’s grave (a rich man)

> Is ISIS using the refugee crisis to infiltrate European countries?

  • Chuck calls it an effective and clever strategy that is working, it’s a form of invasion.
  • most public commentators have no idea what’s going on
  • Islam is not just a religion, its an agenda of conquest which the refugee stream is carrying out
  • in other words it is a threat of conquest
  • Ron Matsen opines countries are being “arm twisted” to accept refugees in the name of humanitarianism. Says Europe policies is already influenced by mass migration of Muslims. Mentions Sharia Law practiced in major European cities
  • Chuck says Muslims have a demographic advantage of growth

> Genesis 22:1 vs James 1:13 - why contradiction?

  • It’s more a play of words
  • Ron says English translation blurs actual meanings

> Where should we get news from the internet to keep informed?

  • Chuck emphasises stewardship responsibility to know what’s happening
  • mainstream news corrupt and unreliable and should be tried for treason
  • media failure to find out truth
  • Suggests media such as World Net Daily (WND) and NewsMax
  • Media deliberately out to deceive people
  • Reminds us Jesus gave us a command: “Do not be deceived!”
  • We must have a respect for hermeneutical precision to avoid deception
  • the importance of Hermeneutical hygiene: Keeping scripture sources separated from uninspired sources such as the book of Enoch

> About the Rapture: People getting saved?

  • Believes many will be saved after the rapture
  • The importance of understanding there are dispensations

> How long period between Rapture and Great Tribulation?

  • It’s an unknown interval that bible says nothing about
  • must avoid unnecessary speculation

> 2 Witness in Revelation 11:3 - Could it be 4 based on Rev 11:4?

  • It’s a speculation. 2 lamp stands and 2 olive trees does not necessarily mean 4 but that two could be the source for the other two.
  • Suspects (but isn’t completely sure) Moses and Elijah will be the 2 witnesses

> On reliable manuscripts and bible versions

  • Recommends his teaching in video “How we Got our Bible”
  • Older manuscripts not necessarily more reliable

> Matthew 24:25-28 - What are the carcasses?

  • difficult passage with many speculations
  • He suspects “where the body of Christ is gathered, his people (?) will be gathered around it”

> Will children be raptured?

  • He believes so based on David’s expectation to see his dead child again & what Paul’s remark in Romans 7 “before the age of accountability”

> Can those who miss the Rapture still earn any rewards or crowns since they will miss the Bema Seat?

  • It’s speculation without any scripture on that (there maybe another set of crowns or rewards but that’s not in the scripture).
  • Ron adds there are a number of gatherings: Those raptured, those saved by 144,000’s ministry, nation Israel, the Patriarchs
  • Chuck recommends video “End Time Scenario” sequence

> Body of Christ vs. Bride of Christ

  • He suspects Body of Christ is the general saved while the Bride of Christ is favoured and select subset of the Body

> Ezekiel 38/39 - What could be “the Spoil”?

  • “Magog is not necessarily Russia” - its a subset
  • Alliance is after Gold, silver, cattle and goods (unlike Psalm 83 whose motivation is hatred)
  • Believes Psalm 83 precedes Ezekiel 38 and leads to victory and prosperity leading to the Magog War

> Mark 14:51 - What’s the significance of this verse of the “naked man”

  • many scholars think it was Mark himself

> How can you explain eternity?

  • God is outside of the time domain which is a physical property. He can write everything in advance.
  • its only a paradox when viewed within the time domain