Biblical Church

There is a movement of the Holy Spirit in the last days that is taking the church back to its Biblical roots as seen in the Book of Acts - A life of fellowship based on the word of God.

The church "Ekklesia" means "assembly of the called out ones". It's a fellowship of two or more Believers. The videos below shows what Biblical church do (or do not do) just like in the Book of Acts. It's different from what the modern church has evolved into carrying with it many unbiblical traditions and practices adopted the past 2,000 years since the first century church.


Today a church is understood to be an organization with titles and hierarchies where it's members remit their tithes to keep the "church system" running. But is that a Biblical church?

The central church organization and hierarchy system (with titles and all) got established in the 3rd century when the Sun-God high priest and Roman Emperor Constantine married Christianity with Sun-God worship, merged the church and state, and began the centralized collection of money which they called "tithes" (a practice which the New Testament church did not do - they practiced giving but to where the Holy Spirit pleased such as orphans, widows, missions, other churches in need - not just monopolized by a "home church"). Tithing was an Old Testament command to support the Levites and temple system which has been done away. The Body of Christ is the new temple of God (1 Corinthians 16:19), and all Believers are now priests (1 Peter 2:9). Tithing can still be relevant to the New Testament church if it's in the spirit of "giving cheerfully" rather than doing it as an obligation. And it can be given to wherever the Spirit leads one to give - and not necessarily only to one centralized organization which has erroneously come to mean "church". You want to give to God's work, why not start setting aside something for your own ministry? See how God can make your personal fruitful in carrying out the Great Commission.