Setting Free

Kickstarting disciples to:

• Set people free. Heal the sick, Drive out demons & Preach the Gospel

• Teach the complete Biblical response i.e. Repent, Believe, Get Baptized and Receive the Holy Spirit.

Mark 16:15-18; 1 Corinthians 2:4-5; John 14:12; John 8:31; Matthew 10; Luke 10; Luke 4:18; Matthew 8:16-17


Equipping disciples to:

• Rely on the Whole Counsel of God, including prophecy, based on a sound hermeneutic

• Reform "church" by returning to sound doctrine

• Prove all things through Scripture

Acts 20:26; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; Romans 15:4; Psalm 119:105; 1 Thessalonians 5:21


• Discerning the end times & knowing what to do

• Empowering the church to identify and break free of the Babylon-influenced world systems including the "church system"

1 Chronicles 12:32; Matthew 24:3-44; Revelation 18:4-5


• Planting and networking home fellowships for Believers to grow in

• Helping discover callings and gifts.

John 14:12; John 8:31; Matthew 28:19-20; Matthew 10:24-25


Evangelistic missions to take the gospel to people through a demonstration of God’s power through divine healing, deliverance and preaching of the true gospel. This ministry "kickstarts" or trains disciples to do the same.

Discipleship Training School

Trains Disciples of Christ in the Whole Counsel of God to become effective missionaries and ambassadors

End Times Watch Bible Prophecy Trends & News

Discerns and monitors the end times to help the church break-free from the Babylon-influenced or controlled world systems

Flying School Bus

Ministers to homeschool families to help the family become the primary means for discipleship and Biblical education