One-Day Kickstart Training, April 14, Pasig City, Philippines


- Learn about the True Gospel that leads to salvation and freedom

- Learn sound doctrine that will open your eyes to the true power of the church

- Activate your faith for the Great Commission by obeying Christ's command and teaching to heal the sick, drive out demons and preach the gospel through a demonstration of God's power.


This registration is for the ONE-DAY KICKSTART on April 14 (SATURDAY) somewhere in Pasig City, Philippines, near Frontera Verde C5 (The venue details will be emailed after online registration). While the training is FREE, we welcome voluntary contributions to help defray the costs of the venue rental.

Training Description

This *one-day training event will help disciples of Christ get "Kickstarted" into healing, casting out demons and sharing the gospel in "in the streets" (It's the Great Commission). Kickstarting simply means to activate someone's faith through hands-on demonstration and practical experience. After some Biblical teaching and training indoor to make sure we are grounded in scripture, students will be grouped into small teams to "go out into the world" ie. into the nearby area where they can put into practice what they've learned at the seminar. Kickstart teams will be led by experienced volunteers who have already been kickstarted.

During the Seminar, students or should we say "apprentices" will learn:

- Doctrine of Salvation

- Doctrine on the Great Commission. Learn more

- Healing and Driving out demons. Learn more

- Practical Healing in the streets

- Share testimonies and words of encouragement

*NOTE: This one-day kickstart is not a TLR (The Last Reformation) kickstart (which is usually 3 days) as it aims to give participants some practical exposure and basic doctrine training in a shorter period of time. The Berean Project is a ministry not connected with TLR. There will be longer trainings in the future.

To Learn more, check out the videos at the bottom of this page below the Registration Form

The agenda for the ONE-DAY Kickstart is as follows:

12:00-1:00 pm - Sign-in (Registration is through Online only)

1:00-5:00 pm - Training

5:00-8:30 pm - Going out in Teams to nearby Frontera Verde to heal / Buy food

8:30-10:30 pm - Reassembly for testimonies, sharing and words of encouragement


Phillip Pastoral (The Berean Project). We have visiting missionaries trained by TLR-PTS who will come to help and fellowship with us (Enno & Sarah Gorlich and Dennis Geniblazo).

Please Note:

* You can bring your own snacks/dinner or you can take out food and have your dinner at the Cabana at 8:00pm

* Make sure to bring your own water/drinks to drink.

* Wear comfortable shoes (eg. rubber shoes) and clothes. You'll be doing some walking while healing in the streets

* We encourage you to complete the entire program until night time to get the most out of the training. The night-time testimonies are powerful and will encourage you

* Lastly pray for yourself and the organizers, expect spiritual attack as you commit to take your faith to a new level. Often many do not make it to the Kickstart because of oppression, sickness and other unforeseen reasons. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

To Learn more, check out the videos at the bottom of this page below the Registration Form

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A GIFT to help support this activity, Send us Message HERE and we'll provide you with instructions on how. Thank you and God bless!



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