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Find a Kickstart activity in the Calendar and connect with other Believers. Pls. Note that not all activities are led or organized by The Berean Project.

We've created a CALENDAR to track different events in the Philippines where Kickstart activities will take place.

Activities could be a Kickstart seminar/conference or simply just a Kickstart Meet Up where kickstarted disciples of Christ gather in a public place to heal, cast out demons or share the gospel together (and kickstart others also). Many people just want to see if it's for real and helping them to decide will be a great help to their faith.

We are willing to list Kickstart Meet Ups when led by 2 or more disciples whom we already know have already been kickstarted (meaning we've seen them do it) - We're in the process of creating a list of "verified" Kickstarters.

Kickstart activities listed need not be led by The Berean Project-Kickstart Missions ministry but by any verified Kickstarter. To get verified come to our Kickstart Trainings.

To propose a Kickstart Meet Up just fill up the Form below.

What's Kickstarting?

Kickstarting simply means activating one's faith to do what Jesus did and taught his disciples - Heal the sick supernaturally (often instantly), cast out demons and share the gospel. Learn more.

Kickstart Meet Up

A gathering of disciples of Christ who have already been kickstarted (faith activated), in a public place to heal the sick, cast out demons and share the gospel. Those wanting to get kickstarted or see what they do are welcome to come and participate. Learn More.

Kickstart Training

A 2-day activity involving a seminar and field training that aims to train disciples of Christ by kickstarting them (activating their faith) out in the field. Learn More.

To Join an Activity

Contact a Kickstarter near you (see map) or check out the activities in the calendar (details provided there)

Register & Display your Kickstart Meetup

To List a Meet Up

To propose a Kickstart Meet Up just fill up the Form BELOW. Please Note: You need to provide some contact information for people to contact you.

To invite us to do a Kickstart Training or to lead a Kickstart Meetup, contact us here