About Phillip Pastoral

Phillip Pastoral is the founder of The Berean Project, a Christian ministry carrying out the Great Commission and equipping the Body of Christ. The Berean Project believes that God is taking His church back to its Biblical roots in these Last Days to prepare for Christ's return. Against this backdrop, Phillip believes that the church of Christ is at a point in history where it is witnessing a great end time church revival originating outside mainstream Christianity.

Phillip is a member of the Koinonia Institute and has a special interest in the study of prophecy and apologetics. He serves as Area Representative for the Philippines and is also a member of Dr. Chuck Missler's Koinonia Missionary Fellowship.

Prior to becoming a full time missionary, Phillip was a tech start-up entrepreneur with a consulting background in solutions architecture and product development. Furthermore, his prior professional experience spans a number of fields including corporate planning, operations and investment management in industries including banking, telecom, retailing & distribution, and business process outsourcing either as an executive or as an entrepreneur.

The Berean Project

We believe God is taking His church back to its Biblical roots in these Last Days to prepare for Christ's return. The rapid acceleration of technologies and end times trends are creating a new set of challenges for the Great Commission and for the church. But the same time, these trends are also opening up new and amazing opportunities to make disciples for the Coming King. As the church returns to sound doctrines that have been forgotten or neglected the past 2,000 years since the early Christians in the Book of Acts began fulfilling the church's mandate to "make disciples", it is discovering the supernatural power and authority that Christ gave it.

The Berean Project is a Christian ministry founded by Phillip Pastoral and has set its focus on 4 key areas of ministry:






Phillip Pastoral with Koinonia Institute founder Dr. Chuck Missler